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The elite grammar software is a patent-pending solution that automatically works with all text based tools, easily transforming your simple English sentences sophisticated and professional.

The first ever, all-in-one English writing Solution:

  • Advanced Grammar Checker

  • Advanced Spell Check
  • Proper Punctuation Checking
  • Effective Text Enrichment
  • Online Thesaurus Dictionary
  • Advanced Translator
  • Idioms Dictionary
  • Over 600 Professional Writing Templates

The Elite Grammar Checker Provides Online Dictionary and Spelling Checker as well as punctuation checking and idioms dictionary

Ranked #5 in the Top 31 Business Ideas in the World!

The Elite Grammar Checker Provides Online Synonyms Dictionary and Punctuation Check - Write English Like a Professional Right Now!

"This innovative, patent-pending technology is suitable for native and

non-native English speakers alike."


It doesn’t really matter if you are a non (ESL)/native English speaker, what matters is how professional your English writing is!

How many personal and business-related e-mails, instant messages, and documents you deliver every day? A poorly written business-related e-mail, delivered to a potential customer, or a poorly written résumé delivered to a potential employer can cause you to blow the deal or lose an appealing job offer.


By writing professional, rich, and accurate English using the following advanced grammar tool, you can impress your environment―especially people you have never met, who will perceive you as intelligent, professional, and trustworthy―a vital necessity in today’s online communication world.


This unique application Works with all text based programs:

The Elite  English Writing Software works with all your text based applications 

The elite grammar check software (PC based product) is recommended for the following users: Advertisers, Businessmen, Copywriters, Doctors, English Teachers, Executives, Expert Linguists, High school Students, Journalists, Lawyers, Marketing Managers, Poets, Professional Writers, Salesmen, Secretaries, University and College Students, Technical Writers and Editors, Top Line Editors, Translators, Writers and for anyone who wishes to enhance, enrich and upgrade his or her English writing level.


This unique software for grammar and spelling correction is considered one of the best English writing and editing solutions ever developed, it is the outcome of years of development by a leading team of Natural Language Processing, software, and algorithm experts. This one-of-a-kind grammar editing and correcting program is based on a dynamic, self-learning mechanism that constantly analyzes millions of documents and maintains a growing proprietary dictionary database.


Whenever you ask yourself whether it is writing or writting, grammar, grammer, gramer or maybe gramar*...simply let this top grammar tool review, edit and proofread your writing in just a few mouse clicks.


Read the following reviews and watch the amazing video on the top of this page in order to learn more about how to improve your writing level by using this unique all-in-one English writing solution.


* grammatik


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